1206 N Lake Park Blvd. Unit D

Carolina Beach, NC 28428

(910) 458- 8200

From breakfast to dessert, we have you covered. Catering platters will make your job easier for any occasion.

Office meeting? No problem. We have bagels, pastries, muffins and more to suit your every need. We even have 92 oz boxes of "Joe-to-Go" for a much needed morning boost, complete with cups, lids, creamer, and all of your other coffee needs.

Dessert buffets and holiday parties? No sweat. Whether its mini pastries and cookies, or full size desserts, we can make it happen. Just call or stop in, give us a list of your personal favorites and you're done!  We also offer bagel chips which pair wonderfully with any dip, and croutons for the perfect salad. The best part? You're getting made from scratch product without the mess in your own kitchen. Call us today!

With over 40 combined years of experience, our cake decorators put every ounce of their talent, passion, heart and soul into every cake. Our goal is to help make your perfect day just that. Perfect. To schedule a tasting and consultation, just call during normal business hours and pick a time and date that is most convenient for you. All we ask is a minimum of four weeks notice to gather our thoughts and materials so that no detail is left unnoticed. 

Big Apple Cafe & Bakery