Big Apple Cafe & Bakery

1206 N Lake Park Blvd. Unit D

Carolina Beach, NC 28428

(910) 458 - 8200

"Where there is a whisk, there is a way..."

Big Apple Cafe & Bakery was opened in March of 2013 as a product of Shelly McGowan and her late husband, Michael. While they laid the blueprints for success, one key piece was missing. Kimberly Schumann,  Shelly's sister, was the final ingredient needed to make their dream a reality with her 30 years of expertise. 

As of January 2015, Kim and Rebecca Schumann took their involvement to a whole new level. The mother daughter duo purchased the business and are now revamping it, making what was already great, even better, and adding new and exciting additions to the menu.

Our Story